Beef rib with fruit


  • Serves: 4
  • Preparation: 45 min
  • Cooking: 15 min

2 beef ribs from 400 to 500 g each
150 g wild rice
1 bunch of black grapes
1 bunch of white grapes
4 small pears
4 figs
4 eggs
40 cl of cream parve
0.4 dl fine champagne
20 g of pink berries
70 g margarine
salt pepper


Cook the rice 20 min. Drain well, then add the beaten eggs with 10 cl of parsley cream, salt and pepper.
Peel the pears, put them in a dish with 35 g of margarine and cook them for 20 min in a hot oven (210 °, th. 7), basting with them during cooking.
Cut the figs in four without going to the end, bake them in the same way, with 35 g of margarine.
Divide the rice in 4 flat non-stick, oiled molds, bake in a medium oven (180 °, th. 6) for 20 min. Keep everything warm.
Coat the ribs with oil and sear them on a very hot non-stick pan 2 to 3 min on each side, then grill on the barbecue for about 5 min on each side.
Peel the grapes. Deglaze the pan with the fine champagne and the rest of the cream. Boil 5 min. Add salt and pepper and add the grapes and pink berries.
Arrange the rice cakes on a dish, place the ribs cut in thick slices on top, coat with the sauce and surround with figs and pears.
Accompany with a Saint-Emilion or Costières de Nîmes red wine.

Jacques Cagna, from the restaurant “Jacques Cagna” (Paris, VI), sprinkle his rib of beef with a small handful of coarse Guérande or Noirmoutier salt, and a few crushed peppercorns which he adheres to the meat. using the palm of the hand. He then melts in a non-stick pan a little of the fat located on the edge of the rib, before searing the meat over very high heat, about 4 min on each side. Thus, the meat caramelizes on the surface, forming a brown and crispy crust. Finally, it leaves the meat to rest for 7 to 8 minutes, just until the juices give their full flavor. To obtain rare meat, it stops cooking when it is still blue.
To be served with Noirmoutier grenailles sautéed in butter, or a smooth mash.