Fantasizing about juicy steak? As you sleep, do you hear the thrilling sound of healthy meat being roasted on fire? Are they drooling in the smell of smoked meat? This is your time to come to Ronen Meat Restaurant

The Ronen Meat Restaurant opened 7 years ago, a popular and high-quality restaurant that is bursting with customers throughout the day.

We decided four friends to jump over to see what it was about and taste the special flavors after hearing endless recommendations on the place.

As soon as a kind waitress came in, we were led straight to her butchery and the sight before us was dizzying.

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We were given a detailed explanation of each portion, what value, what weight and type of roasting, we ordered the dishes and sat around the table.

We have yet to say Jack Robinson and he already had 18 different types of house salads, all smelling fresh and delicious.

We asked the owner Ronan about the different concept of the place:

“Indeed, the concept is different from most meat restaurants in the country. Israelis love to eat, love a big dish on success and so we did not find a place to restrict anyone but let each diner choose exactly the amount of meat he wants to eat.”

This is a fast-paced experience and there is the possibility of closing deals as you can from a number of diners.

Up to 120 people can also be made in a separate hall in the same restaurant concept.

The meats that came to us at the table were perfectly roasted, the sirloin and turkey were tender, the kebab was seasoned with dumb flavors, the poppies were swallowed like kernels and the Moroccan patties were home-flavored.

Because we were four diners, we received a fine bottle of red wine to help us take the food down, at the expense of the house whenever there were four diners and up.

At the end of the meal we were spoiled at the expense of home in Malabi, Beria, seasonal fruits and crackers when in winter a hot cake with tea is also served.

At first we thought we were special about getting such a dessert but it turns out that this is also a regular treat for all diners.

Despite the wealth and abundance on the table the prices were per pocket, we double-checked the bill to see that there was no mistake there at the cash register.

If you are a true meat lover and have not yet eaten at Ronen Meat Restaurant, do yourself a favor,

As soon as possible, you will reach 28 Schechterman Street in the corner of Degania in Netanya, you will not stop licking your fingers, with appetite!

Credit : israelhayom.co.il | https://www.israelhayom.co.il/article/696321