We are proud and excited to introduce you to European meat quality.

For hundreds of years, the quality of European meat has been known to be one of the world’s best European cattle and a core component of fine taste in the global gastronomy industry.
 Thanks to the rich pasturage throughout Europe, which provides cattle with fresh, natural and healthy nutrition, European meat has a subtle, fine and succulent taste, available in an extensive variety of 22 Breads Each type excels with its own unique taste. The variety of tastes ensures there will always be a meat type compatible with the cuisine and dish.
In contrast with meat types sourced from other regions – European meat is free of hormones and antibiotics as growth promotors.

The European Union in the first campaign of its kind in Israel

The first campaign of its kind will begin in Israel this coming June and will continue over three years.
Its purpose is to expose the Israelis to the quality and variety of meat from Europe. In light of the sharp increase in the consumption of meat per capita, the increase in the quantities of meat imported from abroad and various regulatory changes, such as the reduction of customs duties, the increase in quotas with full exemption and the fixing of the customs rate on only 12% by 2020, the EU decided to launch this unique campaign. The campaign is aimed at the consumer himself, who would prefer to purchase meat from a European source, as well as importers and the retail market, in order to encourage increased imports and marketing of meat originating in Europe.
The strict supervision requirements of the European Union guarantee responsibility and traceability for consumers, farm-to-table, and excellent products of the highest standards.
Europe’s beef production volumes guarantee an abundance – a constant and permanent supply.
The European meat imported into Israel is mainly sourced from France, Poland, Portugal, Romania,
Hungary, Lithuania and Serbia.

Israel’s Meat Consumption Market

Israel’s consumption of beef meat per capita is one of the highest in the world. In the past three decades, the per-capita consumption has soared hundreds of percent. Over 60% of meat in Israel originates abroad as local Israeli breeding is unable to meet the demand.
The fresh meat category had the highest spike in sales in Israel – from ILS 517 million in 2014 to ILS 891 million in 2017. In 2017, frozen meat accounted for 53% of all meat consumed in Israel.
And as for consumer prices – according to data obtained from the Ministry of Economy – in most retail chains, imported fresh meat prices are lower than locally slaughtered meat.

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