Carnivores? We have good news for you
Magazine # # Barcode of News Channel_10 checked and found that the trend of rising food prices in Israel is on the rise.

However, in the field of fresh meat there are good news
The demand for fresh meat in Israel is increasing.

The Ministry of Economy, in an unprecedented move, opened the fresh meat market in Israel to competition by providing duty-free quota quotas that Fite will supply to local marketers.

The result? A significant drop in the prices of fresh meat in Israel and we all enjoy !!

A representative of the European Union explains in the article that only Europe can offer Israel “beef” at reasonable prices and of very high quality.
Because we are neighbors !! He says.
Within 10 days, Terry Becker who left the port of Marseille, arrives in Tel Aviv.
Celebration, we already said ??

Other chefs and podis have already tried the European beef and rated the culinary quality of the meat in a very high range.
And you ?? You will soon be able to try !!!
>> In the finest retail chains in Israel !!!
Unmatched quality and fair prices !!

Other questions? we are here!!