European and French environmental regulations specifically regulate animal husbandry activities and are constantly evolving to meet environmental challenges. Thus, the Water Framework Directive requires good ecological status of the waters in 2015 and the conclusions of the Grenelle Environment Forum aim at stronger protection of 500 water abstractions by 2012.

At the heart of the regulatory system: the management of droppings. The goal: to make the best possible use in fertilizing crops, farm fertilizers such as manure and slurry in order to avoid any excess nitrate that could be leached into the water.

The other key point is the maintenance of permanent meadows that filter the water, in particular thanks to the grass present all year round and receiving little phytosanitary treatments and mineral fertilizers.

Credit : la-viande.fr https://www.la-viande.fr/environnement-ethique/preservation-qualite-eau