Beef bourguignon, a traditional dish

Beef bourguignon, a traditional dish

As traditional as duck foie gras, beef bourguignon is a bourguignon dish, traditionally cooked in red Burgundy wine, with accompaniment of button mushrooms, small onions and bacon. But the toppings can vary according to your desires. We will thus find in some recipes potatoes, carrots or pasta. Everything for a good little dish of beef bourguignon easy to cook. The name of this dish is taken from the two main ingredients that make it up, beef and red wine, Burgundy. As you can see, this dish is emblematic of Burgundy and its terroir. So follow the guide to discover a traditional recipe and its variations that will change you from the traditional, but excellent bourguignon beef. With pork, vegetables and olives, this dish will never cease to amaze and delight you.

What pieces to choose for a bourguignon beef?

To succeed in a bourguignon beef, lovers of this dish recommend the walnut heel (long and tender muscle, located at the back of the middle of the thigh), the heel (also called rear hock, a gelatinous piece), the twin pot-au-feu (from the front legs, perfect for stews), the chuck (taken from the shoulder), the scotter with the pot-au-feu, the low ribs (located just above the chuck, reputed for their marbled flesh) or the necklace, soft and tasty.

Prepare the marinade of a bourguignon beef

Traditionally, beef bourguignon is prepared by submerging the meat for several hours in a marinade made up of vegetables such as carrots, herbs (onion, garlic), herbs (thyme, bay leaf), sometimes spices (cloves) , four-spice, peppercorns) and red wine (preferably a burgundy wine, but another red wine of sufficient quality may be quite suitable).

This marinade can tenderize and flavor the meat. Once the marinade is finished, the marinade is filtered, keeping the liquid and separating the meat from the vegetables.

Successfully cooking a bourguignon beef

For a good beef bourguignon, simple and easy to make, you will therefore need: pieces of beef that will be cooked in a casserole dish in a Burgundy wine sauce with onions, garlic, a bouquet garni , salt and pepper. A mixture that will give an exquisite taste to your pieces of beef. Be careful, for this recipe, you will need to simmer your dish over low heat. Cooking will take a little time for the Bourguignon meat to absorb the flavors of the wine and the flavorings added to the sauce. You can therefore serve this dish with potatoes or pasta. Be aware, however, that pieces of beef bourguignon are traditionally served with garlic toast. Now, if you are tired of tasting the traditional beef bourguignon, you can always take one of the variation recipes on Envie De Bien Manger. So, you will have the pleasure of tasting this recipe for pork Bourguignon, you just have to replace your beef with pork, simple isn’t it? A little tip is also to replace the pieces of beef with meatballs, an easy idea to cook for your dish and especially to introduce the little ones to this recipe, symbol of the Burgundy terroir. So, come to your forks and vary the pleasures thanks to our different beef bourguignon recipes that will allow you to delight the taste buds of your family or even your guests.

Serve beef bourguignon well

Present the meat and vegetables in a serving dish, the sauce in a gravy boat and enjoy with fresh pasta or potatoes. You can also put the pieces of meat and vegetables in the sauce and serve directly in the casserole dish.

Beef bourguignon … Light version

For a lighter version of this great classic, it is not necessary to remove the wine. First, because the prepared dish would no longer be a beef bourguignon, and secondly, because the alcohol evaporates during cooking, the result is not as caloric as that. On the other hand, we can “forget” the bacon and cook the onions just in salted water. Accompany this light recipe with green vegetables.

Customize beef bourguignon

First, there is a quick version of the beef bourguignon recipe, without marinade, which saves time. Also remember to add potatoes to the recipe, to enrich the filling, blackcurrant cream at the end of cooking to bring a touch of tangy flavor, or replace the beef with veal, as in this bourguignon with olives, or by pork to vary the pleasure.

What to do with the remains of a bourguignon beef?

If you have meat left, do not hesitate to shred it to cook it in a mince pie: garnished with Roquefort, sweet potatoes, or pumpkin.

It also fits perfectly with stuffed vegetables, such as eggplant or tomatoes.

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