Meat cooking temperature

In order to precisely control the cooking temperature of a meat, it is essential to take it by means of a thermal probe, even if the firmness of the meat will already give a first indication. The table below indicates the temperatures to reach for each desired cooking.

Stade de cuisson de la viande bleue saignante à point bien cuite
boeuf 37 – 39°C 50 – 52°C 53 – 58°C +58°C
poulet 80 – 85°C
veau 57°C 60°C 68°C +75°C
agneau 57°C 60°C 65°C +70°C

Credit : atelierdeschefs.fr https://www.atelierdeschefs.fr/fr/techniques-de-cuisine/432-tableau-de-temperature-de-cuisson-des-viandes.php