Beef Tenderloin on Oxtail Rillettes


  • Serves: 4

1 oxtail
200 g marrow
4 beef fillets of 160 g each
100 g button mushrooms
50 g chopped shallots
1 bottle of Graves wine
salt, pepper and oil


Making the tail rillette: cook the oxtail in Graves wine with aromatic garnish (carrots, onions, thyme, bay leaf).
After cooking, peel, keep the juice, reduce.
Sweat the chopped shallots, add the chopped mushrooms, the oxtail and a little sauce.
Leave to compote.
Place a few rillettes at the bottom of the plate, the pan-fried fillet of beef, placed on top of the rillettes.
Poach the marrow in the sauce and coat the whole.
The dish owes its originality to the contrast of very cooked and rare. Choose quality meat (Aubrac for example).