Tournedos Rossini


  • Serves: 4
  • Preparation: 10 min
  • Cooking: 8 min

4 tournedos of 150 g each
4 escalopes of fresh foie gras sautéed in margarine
90 g margarine
2 tablespoons of oil
4 slices of white bread returned to the margarine
½ glass of Madeira
2 dl veal juice
salt pepper


Brown the tournedos in half of the hot margarine and oil, 3 to 4 min on each side, turning them over with a spatula. Add salt and pepper. 1 min before the end of cooking, remove the string and the bard tape that surround the meat. Roll the tournedos in the cooking juices to color the turn protected by the bard.
Place the tournedos on a plate and keep them warm.
Deglaze the cooking juices with the veal juice, reduce quickly by half and, off the heat, add the Madeira, the rendered jus of the tournedos and the rest of the margarine.
Place the tournedos on the slices of bread. Cover each tournedos with a foie gras escalope and serve the sauce in a gravy boat.