Food safety corresponds to all of the control measures implemented from the fork (farming) to the consumer’s range in order to guarantee:

food safety: the products given to the consumer do not present any danger to their health;
food safety: no alteration of the organoleptic and nutritional qualities of food.

Food hygiene regulations underwent a major overhaul in 2006 to establish a single, transparent policy in Europe. This new legislation, called “Hygiene Package”, is made up of 5 Regulations and 2 Directives.

These regulations harmonize the level of food safety in Europe by imposing, on the one hand, the same obligations on all actors in the food chain, from primary production (breeding) to delivery to the consumer, and by optimizing the controls of the health authorities.
This regulation applies to all foodstuffs and therefore concerns professionals in the meat sector.

From the farm to the point of sale, everything is done, both by professionals in the meat sector and by the Public Authorities, to provide the consumer with meat whose sanitary quality is preserved and controlled. This is notably the role of ANSES (The National Agency for Food, Environment and Work Health Security), a public establishment under the supervision of the ministries responsible for health and agriculture. , the environment, work and consumption.

The Agency’s mission is therefore to carry out the risk assessment, to provide the competent authorities with all the information on these risks as well as the scientific and technical expertise and support necessary for the preparation of legislative and regulatory provisions and the implementation of risk management measures.

It provides monitoring, alert, vigilance and reference missions. It defines, implements and finances scientific and technical research programs.

It proposes to the competent authorities any measure likely to preserve public health. When the latter is threatened by a serious danger, it recommends to these authorities the necessary animal health measures.

It participates in the work of European and international bodies, and represents France there at the request of the Government.
This Agency, which was created in April 1999, aims to be the expert evaluator of the health and nutritional risks that food intended for humans or animals can present.

Credit : la-viande.fr https://www.la-viande.fr/securite-sanitaire/controles-sanitaires-reglementation-pouvoirs-publics