The cook and food blogger Nurit Peled is astonishing to describe in her graceful language her visit to the launch event of the European cattle campaign, held here in Israel in June in the magical courtyard of the Par Derriere,
Mercy Nurit, A bientôt

To display quality meat, you need a suitable sting and a proper presentation.

This is what happened yesterday evening, when we entered the courtyard of Par Derriere Per Drier, the charming corner of Jaffa, for an elegant cocktail, which presented us with the wonders of the sroula, limousine and other quality cattle that are currently making aliyah from France, with Kashrut respectively.
From the experts we learned briefly about the growth, the logistics, the dozens of cattle species and the mini-cuts that are customary in the world culinary world. We were told about the methods of getting the best out of every piece, how important it is to match the cooking methods: roasting, long cooking, vacuum and more.

We listened to the blessings in two languages, we saw presentations and we were surrounded by lots of flowers and French chic tunes, in the design of the place and the buffets. The dishes served by Chef Yosi Hanoka: Arias entrecote minced twice with a spicy, aromatic aroma, with a selection of excellent side dishes, and an excellent asado served on a fir kohlrabi in a citrus scent. As befits the occasion, graceful waitresses swirled among us carrying fine wine trays.
Water-production in good taste.

Yossi, I was glad that we finally crossed the boundaries of the virtual screen, it was nice meeting. I want you to know that the aromas and flavors have been preserved and filed deeply in the delicious departments of Allah, Mercy Monsieur Chef, for our next meetings!

Table 5 and Table 7, Blessed. To the balance sheet, how good it was to sit with you after the orthopedist. #tastethebestisrael

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